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  • „Familiarize with, create and choose future profession” - 20 თებერვალი, 2024

     The Cultural Heritage Preservation Agency of Adjara starts a new cognitive-educational program „Familiarize with, create and choose future profession” for pupils.

     ◈  The program is dedicated to IV -VIII grades;

     ◈  Maximum number of the pupils: 15-17;

     ◈  Duration: 1:30 hr.;

     ◈  Period/month: February, March, April, May;    

     ◈  Location: Gonio Research Centre:


     Attract adults’ interest in the cultural heritage;

     Introduce pupils to the specifics and professional peculiarities of various fields of art;

     Detailed description of the program:

     Pupils will visit the Gonio Fortress and workspaces of the Gonio Research Centre – Restoration Laboratory and Depository; they will be familiarized with the archaeological artefacts which have not yet been exhibited in the museum and will meet the archaeologists, art critic and restorer. A 20-minute duration cognitive lesson will be held for them. Then pupils will create thematic artwork (graphics, paintings, pupils will paint ceramic ware and stones) related to cultural heritage. 

     On June 1, International Children’s Day, the works of pupils will be exhibited.