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  • Regional Summit in Lower Silesia
    2 მარტი, 2020

    A Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara David Gabaidze , a Deputy of Suprime Council Merab Karanadze and a Head of Cultural Heritage Preservation Agency of Adjara Zaur Akhvlediani attended a trilateral parliamentary meeting , by invitation of the regional parliaments of Lower Silesia. Trilateral cooperation summit was held for the second time and aims deepening cooperation and implementation of joint projects between Branderburg Landtag of Seimik of Lower Silesia and Supreme Council of Autonomous Republic of Adjara. A Head of Agency Zaur Akhvlediani had a meeting s with Wroclaw Ethnographic Museum and the leaderships of the Marshal Culture Office Department of the same city.In order to continue further cooperation planned a joint project which means to exchange training and joint grant project.