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  • Educational Project „Familiarize with, Create and Choose Future Profession” is in progress - 26 აპრილი, 2024

    The educational project - „Familiarize with, create and choose future profession” organized by the Cultural Heritage Protection Agency of Adjara, is in progress. The project aims to increase interest in cultural heritage in adolescents; introduce pupils to the specifics and professional peculiarities of various fields of art;


     Under the program, an educational cognitive lesson on the topic – “Georgian Ornament” was held on the first day. The pupils were familiarized with the history of the Georgian ornaments, types, fields and intersections of ornaments. They made analogues of the cross of Tamar the Great. The cognitive activity was held by Marine Itonishvili. The second day was dedicated to the topic: “Prehistory and art of the prehistoric period”. Children were familiarized with the living conditions of primitive humans and made thematic drawings. The activity was led by Irma Beridze.


     The educational lessons were attended by the 4th-grade pupils of Batumi School of St. Andrew the First-Called (Pedagogues – Maia Imnadze) and the 5th-6th-grade pupils of Peria School of St. Matthias the Apostle (Pedagogues – Mariam Urushadze).