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  • Archaeological excavations in the village of Darchidze - 22 ივლისი, 2022

    Archaeological works are being carried out in the area of ​​the church of the village of Darchidze, Shuakhevi municipality, funded by the Agency for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Ajara (the head of the expedition is archaeologist Tariel Ebralidze).The monument is located in the eastern part of the village, on the river. On one of the ridges on the right side of Chirukhishkali, which the local population refers to as "Kilisasser" and sometimes as "Kvakhidiser". In previous years, during the works, very interesting artifacts were discovered, namely: ceramics and an iron spoon intended for communion. Also animal protomes (lion and bull).In the current year, the works for the study of the sanctuary continue along the western and northern walls of the church, as well as in the eastern and southeastern territory. It is planned to scout its surroundings.