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  • Pichvnari Archeological Expedition - 8 აგვისტო, 2017

    Since 2012, Batumi Archeological Museum has been realizing field works on the territory of the former city of Pichvnari with the financial support of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Agency of Ajara Autonomous Republic. Three areas have been excavated: Greek and Colchian Sepultures and the Inhabited Hill Namcheduri.  Among the gained things artifacts connected with decoration-knitting, fishing, metallurgy, kneepans, cobble-stones used as sinkers, fragments of nose-pieces draw special attention. Iron plumb line is interesting, the familiar of which was unknown earlier. Pottery of perfect shape and decoration, among them imported ones as well, local Colchian coins, golden necklace that consists of small beads. On the territory of Georgia, so far there is no other monument discovered that is connected with Greek ethnos.