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  • Educational Project -„Familiarize with, Create and Choose Future Profession” - 28 თებერვალი, 2024

    The Cultural Heritage Preservation Agency of Adjara started an educational project - „Familiarize with, create and choose future profession” for pupils. The project aims to attract adults’ interest in the cultural heritage; introduce pupils to the specifics and professional peculiarities of various fields of art;

     The cognitive activities were held in the Gonio Research Centre. On the first day, a presentation – Architecture, types of architecture (the features based on which a building may be granted the status of a cultural heritage monument) was held for pupils. Special attention was drawn to reviewing the significant cultural monuments of the city. (Practical work: drawing – iconic buildings of the city). The cognitive activity was led by Sophio Sanikidze, an Art Critic.

     The second day was dedicated to a presentation, which included an introduction to the history of the Old Roman Empire, as well as, reviewing popular Roman games and demonstrating their interesting features. (Practical work: Roman board games). The cognitive activity was led by Tornike Mamiseishvili, a Scientific-Worker of the Agency.

     The educational lessons were attended by the 5th-grade pupils of St. Andrew the First-Called School (Pedagogues – Irine Sevostianova) and the 5th-grade pupils of the Public School N15 (Form-Mistress – Eka Todria).