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  • Dacha of Lao Jin Jao will be revived soon - 17 იანვარი, 2024

    Dacha of Lao Jin Jao will be revived soon

    The tender for purchasing the project documents of the rehabilitation of the cultural heritage monument located on N12, Ninoshvili str., Daba Chakvi, Kobuleti Municipality was announced.

    The project includes the rehabilitation of the whole building. A car park and various types of open-air spaces will be arranged.

    The rehabilitation works will be carried out for the façade and interior of the building.

    At the same time, the Agency starts working on the building interior, considering the arrangement of an exhibition space using modern digital technologies, which enables the introduction of the history of Georgian tea, degustation of tea, organizing various cultural-educational events, etc. Thus, based on this cultural heritage monument, Georgian society will get one more interesting and attractive cultural centre.

    The dacha of Lao Jin Jao built at the end of the XIX c. has an interesting planning and refined architectural style.

    It is prominent among the buildings of this period.

    The significant histories of economic development and biographies of Chakvi and in general, Batumi are related to this house. In 1893 Lao Jin Jao was invited to Georgia for 3 years but had lived there for 30 years and significantly contributed to the development of Georgian tea.