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  • Exhibition “Art Unites Us”
    14 ივნისი, 2018

    Exhibition “Art Unites Us” organized by the Cultural Heritage Preservation Agency of Ajara and supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Ajara was arranged in Gonio-Apsaros museum-reserve on the right protection day of disabled persons.

    Modern artists - Giorgi Giovani, Anna Chkonia, Aleksandre Kolesnikovi, pupils of Inclusive Education Center – Beka Bolkvadze, Irma Surmanidze and Maia Chkonia exhibited their works of art. “Human emotions and their interdependence” was the theme of the exhibited art pieces.

    The second session of the event was a literary evening and poets - Bella Keburia, Anna Varshanidze, Giorgi Giovani, Mindia Tsetskhladze and Mirian Mertskhaladze participated in it. “Group Ialkhani” made the musical accompaniment of the event.